Bashy Bus

Project Goal

  • By September 2010, 15,000 vulnerable adolescents and young people will be equipped with knowledge and skills to prevent HIV and unplanned pregnancies
  • 2000 adolescents will have increased access to quality youth-friendly voluntary confidential counselling and testing (VCCT) services.

Project Activities

  • These activities will commence October 1, 2009
  • Targetted Community Interventions (TCI) conducted in 4 communities in St. Ann.
  • Peer Educators will engage adolescents; community influential’s and parents primarily through edutainment, small group discussions and face-to-face interaction, in rural and inner city communities in St. Ann.
  • Use cultural vehicles such as drama, dance and singing to reinforce prevention and stigma reduction messages to the various target groups.
  • The Peer Educators will also do performances in selected TCIs in St. Mary & Portland
  • Peer educators performances will be followed by discussions around issues illustrated through cultural performances, thereby enlisting the audience’s participation in finding meaningful an viable options that lead to sustainable positive behaviour change.
  • The strategy in St. Ann will also involve the establishment of a mobile HIV Prevention Clinic to serve adolescents and young people in the parish and surrounding areas.