Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator with Pacemaker Capabilities 

Rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery. 4 A h, 12 V nominal. Capacity: 2.5 hours monitoring or 50 full-energy discharges or 1 hour monitoring and recording. AC input: 100 to 230 VAC + 15%, 50 Hz. Battery indicators: battery is charging and low battery.

Output energy (delivered): 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150 ,200 ,300, and 360 joules. Charge time: less than 5 seconds to 360 joules with a functional battery installed. Paddles: standard paddles are anterior/anterior; include dual functioning paddles for pacemaker capability. Full range of internal paddles required.
Input: ECG activity may be viewed through the paddles or patient cable. Lead fault: LEADS OFF message and dashed baseline appear on the monitor if a lead becomes disconnected.
Pacemaker capabilities required to allow manual and automatic control of rate and output energy and automatic rate detector.
Event Summary
Stores and prints 3 seconds pre-and 8 seconds post-critical event data for up to 28 events. Data is retained after unit is turned off.
Recorder - Annotations
Time, date, heart rate, event makers, ECG mode, and selected energy. Recorder mode: automatically documents events and ECG during defibrillator episodes. Warranty
At least two years. NUMBER OF UNITS REQUIRED: Two (2)

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