Two (2) adult sets in protective (that is, rigid, lined).

Rigid, Stainless steel, hollow 3cm diameter for C or rechargeable battery.
With sizes 2,3,& 4 curved (McIntosh) blades (that is, lengths 9,11, & 13 cm respectively) with rounded end tip and removeable 3V bulb.
Plus 1 set extra blades (above characteristics) and 1 set straight (Miller) blades with above characteristics.

One (1) paediatric set in protective case (that is, rigid, lined).

Rigid, stainless steel, hollow 2cm diameter for AA or rechargeable battery with size 1,2 curved (McIntosh) blades lengths 7,9cm respectively with rounded end tip and removable 3V bulbs
Plus 1 set size 1,2 straight (Miller) blades

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