The health care workers of the North East Regional Health Authority are committed to providing the best possible care for patients and their relatives within a safe and friendly environment. There may be times when we fall short of this commitment and would appreciate you letting us know through our Client Complaint Mechanism.

Any patient, visitor or relative of a patient may express their concern about:
1. The outcome of a procedure that was performed
2. The manner in which they were treated
3. The service which was received.
4. Any other event or issue that disturbs you. The Client Complaint Mechanism (CCM) allows us to take these concerns through a process which is aimed at satisfying the complainant and resolving the matter completely.

For your convenience, we have established a web-based CCM. The steps in this mechanism are as follows:

1.  Complaints are made to the Ministry of Health or the Regional Office or any Health Care Facility (Health Centre or Hospital).
2.  The Complaints Receivable Officer documents the complaint on the Client Complaint Form which is signed by the complainant. OR The Client      Complaint Form can be completed online or downloaded from the website.
3.  The Complaint Form is sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the facility, the Parish Manager, the Senior Medical Officer, the Hospital      Administrator or the Medical Officer of Health.
4.  Complaints are acknowledged within 1 to 5 days following receipt.
5.  The process of investigation and resolution begins within 1 to 3 days after the receipt of the complaint depending on its nature.
6.  The complainant is kept informed of the status of the investigation.
7.  A face-o-face meeting is arranged at the convenience of the complainant in order to satisfy and resolve the complaint.
8.  The agreed resolution is implemented.
9.  If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, the matter may be referred to a higher level within the organization or to the Ministry of      Health.
10. The process can be stopped at any time if the complainant indicates this in writing to the person to whom the complaint was sent.

Thank you for alerting us to the problem and allowing us the opportunity to improve the service provided to all our clients.