Commendation Receiveed From Office of Contractor General

It is with great pride that we celebrate and congratulate Mr. Ainsworth Buckeridge and the Procurement Team for the exemplary commendation they have received from the Office of the Contractor-General (OCG) for the procurement practices between April 2010 and June 2010.
To summarize, a Quarterly Contract Award (QCA) Report is submitted to the OCG.  The reports were reviewed for completeness, and assessed in great detail.  Depending upon the level of compliance with the Government of Jamaica Procurement Procedures, a Procuring Public Body is placed in one of four levels of assessment:
Level 1
An Assessment result of between 96% and 100% indicates an acceptable level of compliance.

Level 2
An assessment result of between 70% and 95% indicates an intermediary compliance level with areas identified for improvement.

Level 3
An assessment result of between 60% and 69% is indicative of an unacceptable level of procedural breaches

Level 4
An assessment result of below 60% indicates evidence of a fundamental, critical and/or substantial failure of the affected public body to comply with the Government of Jamaica Procurement Procedures.

The results of the assessment included contracts reported in the 2nd Quarter 2010:

“North East Regional Health Authority has obtained a compliance assessment score of 100.00% and has therefore been placed in Level 1.”