Portland (Projects)

  • Waterproofing of Roof of Dietary and X-Ray Dept - Port Antonio Hospital.

    The roof for the Dietary and X-Ray Dept of the above mentioned facility was in a deplorable condition resulting in leaking. This later proved to be hazardous and also had clinical implications if same was not corrected quickly. Hence the project was implemented and the problem has now been corrected. This project was completed on April 17, 2009.

  • Refurbishing of Administrative Offices – Port Antonio Hospital
    The Admin Offices at this facility needed some amount of refurbishing as the issue of work space was beginning to pose a problem as staff continuously complained of the little or lack of space in which they were expected to properly carry out their job functions on a daily basis. This then led to the implementation of the project in an effort to have the problem corrected and also to build staff morale. This project was completed on May 08, 2009.
  • Renovations to Porters’ Lodge – Port Antonio Hospital
    The Porters’ Lodge was in a deplorable condition and was badly in need of some amount of renovation. Hence in an effort to build staff morale and allow our employees to feel a sense of comfort in carrying out their job, the project was implemented. This project was completed on June 10, 2009.