Projects (St. Mary)

  • Expansion of Operating Theatre and Recovery Room– Annotto Bay Hospital.

    The Operating Theatre had outgrown its main function and as a result doctors were not able to comfortably carry out operations within the theatre as the problem of space was impeding surgeries and recovery of patients.  The project was then implemented with a view to build staff morale and also to allow the smooth recovery of patients coming out of surgery.  This project was completed on June 11, 2009.

  • Renovation to Health Centres – Retreat Health Centre .

    The National Health Fund has decided to fund some projects throughout the region in the form of repairing and renovating some twelve health centres throughout the region and Retreat Health Centre in St. Mary is on off them. Work is currently being carried out in the form of minor masonry work, painting, repairing of windows and doors in an effort to give the health centre a facelift and to also boost staff morale.

  • Completion of Dental Clinic .

    The community of Port Maria is in dire need of a dental clinic as the building that was being used to house the former dental clinic was in a deplorable condition. The region has since decided to construct and fully equip a new dental clinic for Port Maria and its environs. The project is 90% completed and is already well received by the community members and the dental team in Port Maria.