How to make a Complaint

Concern or Complaint Poster

Environmental Health Complaint Management and Investigations

The citizens (in NERHA) play a vital role in the effective application and enforcement environmental health regulations law.

Making complaint help the health authorities to detect public health violations at the community level.

How to effectively complain on a matter affecting environmental/public health

  • Perons can visit their local Health Department and lodge a complaint and well as call in to the offices and make a report.
  • It is best to make a written complaint addressed to the Medical Officer of Health for the respective parishes.
  • Follow -up with health Department to follow- up on the progress of the investigation.

Elements of an Environmental complaint:

If you are writing a complaint to the Health Department ensure that the following information is contained.

An environment Complaint must contain the following elements:

  • Date of the Complaint
  • Name of the complainant
  • Address of complainant
  • Conant number/ email
  • Nature and details of the complaint
  • Location of complaint including significant Land Mark
  • Name of alleged offender including alias
  • Address of alleged offender

The form may also be used (Get Form Here)

What are you to expect after you make a complaint?

  • An investigation for an environmental health related complaint is normally to be initiated within two weeks from receival at the Health Department.
  • If the complaint is a valid one, within 30 days of investigation, a resolution is expected however depending on the nature of the complaint, these times may vary.
  • If the matter is not resolved the health department may proceed with prosecution of the offender
  • A complaint may also be referred to another agency which is deemed the more appropriate authority on the matter.
  • Other action may be taken to allow for compliance
  • The Health Department is expected to maintain confidentiality at all times while addressing complaints.

Other areas of endeavour in environmental/Public Health

CMS Client Satisfaction Form CMS Complaint Withdrawl Form

Collaborating Agencies

Environmental/public health is not a stand-alone area. It is routinely executed in collaboration with other agencies and disciplines:


Other Agencies Involved

Management of Solid Waste


Sprit licensing Activities

Spirit Licensing Authority

Regulations and Licensing of Butchers

Municipal Corporation

Processing of building plans and subdivisions

Municipal Corporation, NEPA

Regulations of Barbers and Hairdressers trade

Municipal Corporation

Disaster Response/Management

Several health disciplines and agencies

General Enforcement of the provisions of the Public Health Act and Regulations

The Jamaica Constabulary force

Maintaining sound agricultural/animal husbandry practices in communities

Rural Agricultural Development Agency

Maintaining National Food Safety Standards

Bureau of Standards

Enforcing standards related to maintaining the equilibrium within the natural environment and prevention pollution.

National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)