Purpose of the Programme

To improve response capabilities of the parishes and region to natural and man-made disasters

What is a disaster?

A disaster is any event, natural or man-caused, which creates an intense negative impact on people, goods and services, and/or the environment, and exceeds the affected community's internal capability to respond, prompting the need to seek outside assistance.

In an effort to reduce, the likelihood of such occurrences and improve our ability to respond early the North East Regional Health Authority has embarked upon the task of strengthening our disaster preparedness status as well as our response to emergencies. Planning is of great importance when dealing with disaster management and emergency response as planning makes it possible to manage the entire life cycle of a potential crisis (Disaster Cycle)

Disaster Cycle

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Planning for disasters and emergencies should not just be a response it must be proactive, strategic and operational.

Strategic and operational planning:

  • Establishes priorities,
  • Identifies expected levels of performance and capability requirements,
  • Provides the standard for assessing capabilities, and
  • Helps stakeholders learn their roles

This type of planning aims to reduce the negative impact or consequences of adverse events. It is important to note that while not all emergencies are disasters, all disasters are emergencies and must be treated with the urgency they deserve. In order for individuals or systems to respond in the way an emergency or disaster demands there must be continuous and requisite capacity building.

Capacity building is a crucial part of response situations. Currently, the NERHA has two Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) certified instructors in Mass Casualty Management situations who are tasked with ensuring appropriate and timely capacity building of both technical and administrative staff.

Beginning in August 2016, the NERHA embarked upon the goal of strengthening the disaster committees and staff sensitisation in matters related to disaster preparedness. Subsequently, a regional hospital disaster template was completed in December 2016 and adapted for use by all secondary care facilities within the NERHA. The presence of fire as a potential menace is with us every day. Fire sensitization sessions are done at both the primary and secondary care level. Regional schedules are generated and submitted to the Fire Prevention Team in each parish in order to regularize these exercises.


St. Ann


1. Bethany Prmary

2. AabuthnottGallimore

3. Charlton Primary

4. Inverness Primary

5. Aboukir Woods All Age

6. Eccelston Primary

7. Clyesdale Primary

Bamboo Division

1. Bamboo Primary and Junior High School

2. Lilly field Community Centre/Basic School

3. Philadelphia All Age

Beecher Town Division

1. Breadnut Hill Primary

2. Parry Town Primary

3. Beecher Town Primary

4. Epworth Primary

Bensonton Division

1. Bensonton Primary

2. Fort George's Priary

3. Concord Catholoic Church

4. York Castle Primary

5. Alderton Primary

6. Alderton Commuinty Centre

7. McNie All - Age

Borobridge Division

1. Clarksonville All - Age

2. Bohemia All - Age

3. Cascade Primary

4. Mt. Moriah Primary and Infant

Brown's Town Division

1. Brown's Town High

2. Brown's Town Primary

3. York Castle High

4. Muir House Buxton Primary and Junior High

5. Lower Buxton All - Age

6. Servite Primary

Calderton Division

1. Bob Marley Primary

2. Higgins Land Primary and Junior High

3. Prickly Pole All - Age

4. Grants Mountain Primary

5. Murray Mount Primary


1. Ferncourt High

2. Claremont All - Age

3. Golden Grove Basic

4. Golden Grove All - Age

Dry Harbour Division

1. Keith All - Age

2. Thickets Basic School

3. Waltham Abbey Primary

4. Discovery Bay All - Age

5. Liberty Community Centre

6. Keith Community Centre

Exchange Division

1. Lodge Community Centre

2. Eltham Community Centre

3. Exchange All - Age

Gibraltar Divsion

1. Madras All - Age

2. Watt Town All - Age

3. Retirement Primary

4. Linton Park All - Age

5. Gibraltar All - Age

6. Gibraltar Basic

Lime Hall Division

1. Lime Hall Basic and Community Centre

2. Lime Hall Primary

3. Steer Town Primary and Junior High

4. Steer Town Academy

5. Chalky Hill All - Age

Moneague Division

1. Village Primary

2. Clapham Primary

3. Walkers' Wood All - Age

4. St. Georges's All - Age

5. Camperdown Primary

6. Village Academy

7. Turnberry Primary

8. Moneague Primary and Junior High

9. Moneague Community College

10. Jeffreyville Primary

Ocho Rios

1. Ocho Rios Primary

2. Ocho Rios High

St. Ann's Bay

1. Priory Primary

2. St. Ann's Bay Primary

3. St. Ann's Bay Infant

4. St. Ann's Bay Preparatory and High

5. Marcus Garvey Technical High

Sturge Town Divison

1. Chester Primary

2. Hooelbury Primary

3. Runaway Bay All - Age

4. Mt. Zion Primary

5. Mt. Zion Basic

6. Mines Basic School

St. Mary

Port Maria Health District

1. Albion Mountain Primary School

2. Beecham Hill Primary School

3. Boscobel Primary School

4. Free Hill Primary School

5. Galena Primary School

6. Hampstead All-Age School

7. Hampstead Basic School

8. Hampstead Primary and Junior High School

9. Hillside Primary School

10. Islington High School

11. Jacks River Primary School

12. Mango Valley Community Centre

13. Mango Valley HEART Training Centre

14. Martins Primary School

15. Mason Hall Primary School

16. Mason Hall SDA Church

17. New Orange Hill Primary School

18. Oracabessa High School

19. Oracabessa Primary School

20. Oracabessa SDA Church

21. Oracabessa SDA Temple

22. Port Maria High School

23. Port Maria New Testament COG

24. Port Maria Pentecostal COG

25. Port Maria SDA Baptist Church

26. Port Maria SDA Church

27. Preston Hill Primary School

28. Robins Bay Basic School

29. Trinity Primary School

Annotto Bay

1. Annotto Bay High School

2. Baxter's Mountain Primary School

3. Camberwell Primary and Junior High School

4. Castleton Primary and Junior High School

5. Devon Pen All Age School

6. Enfield Primary and Junior High School

7. Epsom All Age School

8. Jobs Hill Primary School

9. Long Road Primary and Junior High School

10. Mahoe Hill All Age School

11. May River Primary School

12. Mt. Joseph Primary School

13. Scott's Hall Primary School

Gayle Health District

1. Goshen Primary School

2. Iona High School

3. Jackson Primary and Junior High School

4. Labyrinth Primary and Junior High School

5. Lucky Hill Basic School

6. Lucky Hill Basic School

7. Mt. Angus Primary and Junior High School

8. Newstead Community Centre

9. Newstead Methodist Church

10. Newstead Primary and Junior High School

11. Pear Tree Grove Primary School

12. Ramble Primary and Junior High School

13. Retreat Primary and Junior High School

14. Tacky Comprehensive High School

15. Three Hills Primary


1. Belfield Primary and Junior High School

2. Brainerd Primary and Junior High School

3. Bromley Primary and Junior High School

4. Clonmel Primary and Junior High School

5. Elliot Primary School

6. Highgate Primary and Junior High School

7. Lewisburg Primary and Junior High School

8. Marlborough Primary School

9. Marymount High School

10. Paisley Primary and Junior High School

11. Richmond Primary School

12. Rock River Primary and Junior High School

13. Rose Bank All Age School

14. St. Mary High School

15. St. Mary Technical High School

16. Zion Hill Primary School


Port Antonio Division

1. Port Antonio Seventh Day Adventist

2. Port Antonio Salvation Army

3. Port Antonio Wesleyan Holiness

4. Port Antonio New Testament

5. Port Antonio High

6. Boundbrook Infant

7. Boundbrook Primary

Prospect Division

1. Titchfield High

2. Nonsuch All - Age

3. Red Hazel First Holiness

Fairy Hill Division

1. Fair Prospect Primary

2. Fair Prospect High

3. Windsor Forest Primary

4. Boston Primary

5. Sherwood Forest All - Age

6. Drapers All - Age

7. Fairy Hill Methodist

8. Poinciana Park Community Park

Manchioneal Division

1. Happy Grove High

2. Bellecastle Primary

3. Seaside Primary

4. Manchioneal All - Age

5. Kensington Basic

6. Reich All - Age

7. Rural Hill Primary

8. Hector's River Seventh Day Adventist

9. Hector's River New Testament

10. Long Road New Testament

Fellowship Division

1. Tom's Hope Basic

2. Fellowship Primary and Junior High

3. Ken Wright Primary

4. Moore Town All - Age

5. Bellevue All - Age

6. West Retreat Basic

7. Windsor All - Age

8. Comfort Castle Primary and Junior High

9. Berrydale Seventh day Adventist

10. Comfort Castle Seventh Day Adventist

11. Cornwall Barracks Seventh Day Adventist

12. London Seventh Day Adventist

13. Stanton Seventh Day Adventist

14. Fellowship Baptist

15. Holy Mount Zion

St. Margaret's Bay Division

1. St. Margaret's Bay All - Age

2. Maidstone All - Age

3. Mount Pleasant Primary

4. Rock Hall All - Age

5. Cooper's Hill Primary and Junior High

6. Fruitful Vale Primary

7. Fruitful Vale First Holiness

8. Mount Pleasant City Mission

9. St. Margaret's Bay Seventh Day Adventist

Hope Bay Division

1. Hope Bay All - Age

2. Bloomfield All - Age

3. Mount Herman Primary and All - Age

4. Shirley Castle Primary

5. Skibo All - Age

6. Claverty All - Age

7. Black Hill Primary

8. Bybrook Primary

9. Pilgrim Church of God

10. Glad Tidings Church of the First Born

11. Mount Carmel Baptist

12. Swift River Seventh Day

13. Chepstowe Community Centre

Buff Bay Division

1. Orange Bay Primary

2. Buff Bay Primary

3. Belvedere All - Age

4. Buff Bay Secondary

5. Buff Bay Salvation army

6. Buff Bay Seventh Day Adventist

7. Emmanuel Gospel Church of the First Born

8. Buff Bay Methodist

9. Buff Bay Church of God of Prophecy

10. Gideon Gospel Chapel

Balcarres Division

1. Cascade All - Age

2. Bimamwood All - Age

3. Tranquility All - Age

4. Avocat Primary and Junior High

5. Fairfield All - Age

6. Bera United Disciples of Chris